Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thanks for Offering :)

When people find out I'm having twins, this look flashes in their eyes that's 1 part 'wow, you're crazy'(like I chose to have both babies at once..), 2 parts 'awww...cute', 1 part 'what if that happened to me'. Right about then, most people offer to help and ask what they can do for me--even neighbors that I've only just met. It's very sweet.

With the twin due in June, I find I don't really need much yet. However, yesterday I was reading up on twins (something I do a lot lately) and started counting up how many diapers we're gonna be going through. The twins'll use 20 diapers/day for their first couple months. Delightful Finch will still be in diapers. Strong Bear has a 40% chance of still needing diapers or regressing to diapers when the twins come home.

That's a ton of diapers! So, if an extra bag of diapers happens to fall into your cart, we'd be happy to take it off your hands for you. In fact, we're now officially accepting diaper donations. (prefer sizes 1&2, but any size would be greatly appreciated.)

We're all set up for car seats/cribs/toys. I don't dare say we're ready, but it's not as scary as it was a few months ago.

Thanks for being there for us, and thanks for reading :)


Safire said...

I just took a bunch of diapers back to the store because we have SO MANY they are overflowing. I just got some store credit I can use for diapers again or other baby stuff. Hope you're doing well!

Safire said...

PS- Amazon is having a big diaper sale right now! And any brand you like better than others?

RainSplats said...

I like luvs and Huggies. But really anything EXCEPT pampers is fine. For some reason my kids tend to be allergic to pampers.

I heard Walmart lets you exchange diapers for different sizes w/out a receipt.

JenaAZ said...

Did you have the twins?? I was blessed with twins girls last year and I saved so much on everything. First step call all companies and get a basic letter for your doc verifying the delivery DO NOT BIRTH CERTIFICATE. I got coupons for huggies, luvs, pampers when the girls went on formula my peds sent a fax and we got several cases free in the mail and lots of coupons. Carnation Good Start was the best, about $30 off the first three months plus my Mom was getting the same coupons and they send us a twin gift. The girls are 15 months and I have saved so much that I still have cases in the garage and i am now using the smaller diapers for my small business of making diapers cakes.


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