Sunday, July 27, 2008


Today we had our whole family together for the first time :)

Beautiful Rabbit loved holding her baby sisters.

Seraph (left) and Angel (right) back together again. I think they sleep better together.

The whole family :)

Seraph is in a room by herself now. It's about the same size as my hospital room last month. There's a pull-out couch for a parent to sleep in.

Seraph is scheduled for an ecg tomorrow. Then they'll decide her plan for care - including when she might be able to come home :)

Nearly forgot - here's a picture of Seraph/Angel toes for their Aunt Saphire;)


Safire said...

Yay baby toes! :) And you guys look great!

jenfarmgirl said...

Wow, they're beautiful! Good job, all of you.


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