Friday, July 4, 2008

6 Days Old :)

Our sweet Angel wants to come home. Last night she grabbed her feeding tube and yanked it out! They've decided not to put it back in. She's doing well with her temp. It's looking like she might be coming home early next week.

Doh! I'm not ready, I'm not ready! It's like.....waiting in line for AGES at the roller coaster. Then finally get to sit down and it feels so nice. You start climbing higher and higher. The view is nice and keeps getting nicer. It's so relaxing. Then you hear screams from the car in front of you! Then it's all "doh - what was I thinking..." you check your seatbelt and the lap bar to make sure it can't dump you out...and then you see the couple ahead of you drop over.....and then you hear yourself screaming :)

I'm excited to have the twins come home...I just thought I'd have a bit more time to prepare myself for that leap. My sil keeps telling me I won't get any sleep after the twins come home.

Seraph is still on watch. They took her off oxygen. They're watching her upper and lower blood pressures. They're ordering more bili-lights for her jaundice. They're giving her a blood transfusion-cardiology wants her blood volume to be on the higher end of normal. They haven't scheduled her surgery yet - just more watching and waiting for the right time.....maybe next week.

I got to hold Angel for an hour today...and then Seraph for a long time, too. It was....wonderful :)

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Safire said...

Okay, I didn't say you would get NO sleep...just very little. :) But you will have one baby for awhile, and you've done that before. The problem I run into is they say sleep when the baby sleeps, but most times they don't sleep together. And then there is always Butterfly...and you've got a few more kids than I do! :) You'll do fine, though. It takes a special kind of mommy to deal with 2 babies at once, and I think we're up for it.

Besides, they are super cute and I love when they both smile huge smiles up at me. It's seriously is twice the love and twice the fun. I can't wait for you to see them together!


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