Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Everybody Else gets a Nap

Baby Angel fell asleep once her tummy was full.

Strong Bear fell asleep while I was moving lunch from the stove to the counter.

So, I went to get Delightful Finch up from her nap, but she was still dead asleep.

So I came back downstairs. Bear had moved, but was still out.
I figured I should move him to the couch so he wouldn't fall. Technically I'm not supposed to lift him yet, so I went to find Beautiful Rabbit.....

...and I found her snuggled up on Finch's Teddy Bear.

It was just a few steps, so I moved Bear to the couch. He didn't wake up.

I was sooooo sleepy, but hungry too. So, I opted for lunch. Then everyone woke up before I had my nap. Everyone woke up happy except Strong Bear. He really hates waking up from naps. He was grumpy all evening.


Safire said...


Amy said...

Aw, I feel bad you didn't get your nap! For me, that's tragic--I want to do violent things when I need a nap and don't get it.


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