Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Parenting Handbook

Shhhhhhhhh - don't tell. Everyone tells you there's no parenting handbook. What they don't tell you is that there ARE parenting handouts. Seraph's nurses sent me home with enough handouts to be a handbook. (I guess they save money by not binding them into a book!)

I inserted my first NG tube today, gave blood-thinner shots, and other meds thru the NG tube. I kinda feel like a nurse.....

when they were teaching me how to give the shots, they said I had to give it into her fat. What fat? Seraph has less fat than....a turkey sandwhich...Then she said I should give the shot into her abdomin (I guess that's where her fat is hiding.) Oh, and the shot has to be pointing straight don't push it too far in. Eeeeep! As awful as it was to give my sweet Seraph shots, the NG tube ordeal was much, much worse. as Strong Bear likes to say, "awwwww.....poor lil Seraph"(OK, really he likes to say "awwww...poow widdle Angel"..but he says it when he's looking at pictures of Seraph...and after about 4 corrections he switches to the right name.)

Seraph has one more blood test that needs to be done tomorrow at the hospital. So, she didn't come home today, but everything is looking good for her to come home tomorrow. Sexy Haqon played Christmas songs all night because "tomorrow we're getting a wonderful present - so it's like Christmas!"

I love him :)


Safire said...

So what do these parenting handouts say? And is she home yet? I see you survived your first 24 with them! How was it?

Amy said...

Congratulations on getting to take both babies home! I hope you're easing back into sanity just a little at the same time. Wish we lived closer so you could drop Rabbit, Bear and Finch off at our place so you could sleep.


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