Friday, July 18, 2008

Seraph Update

They closed Seraph's chest. She tolerated it well. They expect she'll graduate from the PICU early next week. They kept some of the draining lines in. Once those are out, we'll be able to hold her again. She's eating 2ml of breast milk every hour. They're still IV feeding her, too. She's tolerating the milk well. (She has a feeding tube down her nose and into her small intestine.) She was pretty bloated from the blood transfusions. So, she's got a double chin that'll go away once the excess fluids drain off.

This weekend Sexy Haqon and I will go through some CPR training at the hospital in preparation for bringing Seraph home. I'm a little scared of having both to care for at once...but I'm also very excited. Angel's fit in so well with our family. I expect the same for Seraph once she's home.


Paige said...

Thanks for the update on Seraph. Must be very hard to see your baby go thru such a major trial. I am glad she is making such good progress on getting healthy.

jenfarmgirl said...

Yay for Seraph! And Happy Birthday to you! Let us know when we can come visit. We had dinner with your mom and dad today.

Laura said...

Wonderful news! Hope she is home with you very soon!


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