Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Family Time

We took everyone for a walk tonight after dinner. Delightful Finch likes to look at every rock/tree/flower/bug/bush/car/pebble/spec of dirt/blade of grass....etc. She walks a bit slower than Sexy Haqon (I think her legs might be shorter.) ...But if you hold out both hands like you're gonna pick her up, she comes running. ...and when that stops working, Beautiful Rabbit chases her down. First Rabbit yells, "FInnnnnnnnnnch!!" So that Finch can get a running headstart. Good thing Rabbit is faster than Finch :)

We ran into some neighborhood friends that we met at a different park on the Fourth of July. It was fun to see them again and play with them again. Strong Bear had fun chasing the girls and running from the dogs. Haqon had fun riling up all the kids...and trying to eat their brains ;) Angel slept like...an angel.

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