Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Picture Angel

Here's my sweet little Angel :)

People keep asking me how we'll tell them apart. Aside from the obvious (Seraph's scar from surgery), Angel's hair is longer for now. Seraph's hair isn't long enough to stick up off her scalp.And Yes, Their cowlicks both go the same way.

Don't be embarrassed about asking - I could never tell other people's twins apart....even some who weren't identical (doh!).


Amy said...

They have cowlicks? All three of my children have the exact same one right in front on their forehead. I knew about the two boys', but I didn't discover my daughter's until she cut all her bangs to stubs with scissors. It was sure easy to spot that cowlick then!

Paige said...

she looks adorable. what a wonderful pose you caught. I am hoping no news is good news concerning Seraph.

Safire said...

She is so cute! :)


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