Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy My Sister's Birthday :)

Yes, I do have a sister. I guess I don't talk about her much. I don't even have a secret internet name for her yet. It's more polite to let people pick out their own, don't you think? Anyway, Happy Birthday :)

Haqon and Rabbit went to visit Seraph tonight. Rabbit is excited to hold Seraph. I wanted to see how hard it would be to watch Angel, Bear, and Finch by myself. It was barely OK. I might have trouble if I had to do it every day. Doh! I'm gonna have to do it every day watch Seraph, too.

...more on that later.

Bear and Finch play together delightfully. Finch really asserts herself. I watch her picking the games now. Though, Bear still rams her and other fun "boy" games that she only likes half the time.

They moved Seraph's NG (feeding) tube so it feeds her stomach instead of her small intestine. I might be able to start nursing her this coming week. Sadly, my nieces who help babysit the kids so I can visit Seraph at the hospital (and don't go more crazy than I already am) are both going to girls' camp this coming week. Well, better this week than next week :)

My mom's family had a reunion this weekend. I'm sad that I didn't get to go. We decided it would be one too many things to wear us out while taking care of the twins. I heard it was lots of fun, though...and the most of my family did get to go. Good job, guys - and we'll catch ya next time :)


Safire said...

The reunion sounded fun! Hope they'll do it again and we can terrorize everyone with our twins. :) Sorry your nieces are gone to girls camp this weekend. The first 5 days alone with my kids was ROUGH, but we've kind of got it down now (3 weeks later). You'll do great!

Amy said...

That's neat that you will still get to nurse Seraph even though you haven't been able to yet. Most times when a baby's in PICU, the mom dries up before there's an opportunity to nurse. But I guess Angel has fixed that problem. Convenient!

RainSplats said...

Pumping every 3 hours keeps your milk supply strong even if you aren't able to nurse. The hospital strongly encourages moms to pump and store milk. They say your breastmilk has more fats and nutrients when you have a preemie because your body knows the baby needs it.


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