Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Angel :)

Angel's pediatrician was concerned about her weight. She lost 5 oz between her 2nd and 3rd week - he'd wanted her to gain atleast that much.

Over the weekend, Angel and I worked really hard on staying awake long enough to really eat. It was hard! But, I'm happy to report she's back up to her birth weight. :)

Good job, Angel!


Amy said...

It's interesting that, even though they're twins, and usually baby siblings look identical anyway, they seem to have their own look. They look different and individual to me. Is that just crafty picture taking, or do they look a lot different to you too?

I'm so glad they're both doing well!

RainSplats said...

Seraph is still bloated from her blood transfusions and surgery. So, she's bigger...and puffy - more filled out. Once she gets rid of all that extra fluid, she'll look alot more like Angel.

They look pretty much the same to me, though it's pretty easy to tell them apart.

And, of course, Angel's hair is noticeably longer.

Paige said...

Great picture of Angel. She looked like she had been working hard. Glad both girls are doing wo well.


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