Monday, April 7, 2008

Yummy Bread

Thanks to all those years of watching my mom make bread from scratch, I actually knew I had to add water to this batch of whole wheat bread :) Thanks, Mom!

This loaf turned out beautifully. It was oh-soooo-yummy, too. We had sandwiches for dinner. New craving: deli ham on homemade wheat bread. Melt cheese on top of the ham. Sliced avocado on the cheese. Sliced tomato on top. dash of salt (opt)(except i LOVE it's not really optional for me.)

The slices were cut thick, so we did open-faced sandwiches. Strong bear ate his toppings one at a time and then ate the bread.....and then asked for more bread.

Beautiful Rabbit helped Delightful Finch sit on Rabbit's chair at the counter. Finch was delighted! She kept eating the avocados without using her hands. She'd just put her mouth down on the avocado and take a bite. Then smile. I ran to grab the camcorder, but she stopped doing it right when I got back - figures! I still got some cute video of Rabbit and Finch together....w/ Bear's voice in the background.

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Amy said...

Oh, that looks SO NUMMY! I think I need to make some wheat bread now! I've been trying my hand at white bread. And I've ALWAYS loved sandwiches with avocados--that's the best in the world!


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