Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pretty Car

After several referrals from my mothers' group, we hired a guy to come detail the interior of my car. He did a fantastic job. I really couldn't have cleaned it that well, and it was so nice that he could do it at my house instead of me hauling the kids to some auto place and then trying to keep them entertained for 3 hours.

Beautiful Rabbit learned that if she plays in the mud, she's gonna have to clean all the mud off. And that we still love her even when we make her clean. She's such a sweetie.

Strong Bear learned that he can earn more candy if he goes potty more often. (Mom let him get away with 5 potty visits right in a row today. Hey, it's better than cleaning up the mess when he waits too long.)

Mom learned that sometimes with lots of helpers, things fall through the cracks. ...and when muddy clothes get washed without soap and then put into the dryer, you have to vacuum and wipe down the dryer. (doh - remembering the soap would've been soooo much easier!)

Sexy Haqon likes to do magic tricks for the kids. Rabbit and bear love it. Rabbit is old enough to know some of the magic behind it, and tries tricks of her own. Bear is mystified and entertained, every time. One time in church, Haqon started doing a trick (making a goldfish cracker disappear)...and Bear grabbed the cracker and shoved it in his mouth cuz he didn't want his snack to disappear.

Tonight, Sexy Haqon did a couple of magic tricks - making Delightful Finch's binky disappear. Each time Haqon said, "where did it go?" Delightful Finch pointed to the binky's actual location. He didn't trick her once. I wonder if she has a psychic connection to her binky....

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Safire said...

Sounds like you guys are doing really well! We're excited to see you this summer!


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