Friday, April 18, 2008

Silk and Pearls

Sexy Haqon and I were married 12 years ago this week. He's every bit as fun and sweet and sexy as that first day. It amazes me that I could find the man I want to spend all the eternities with in so short a time. Angels and etc.

I often find the whole world is crazy except him. He is my strength, my joy, my love.....I wouldn't want forever without him.

I love you, Boy ;)


Amy said...

Happy anniversary, you two!

Just don't keep coming back to visit and borrow clothes during your anniversary date, like you did on your honeymoon, you silly people!

--love, your old roommate.

RainSplats said...

LoL - we came back cuz I had a final to take and a cleaning inspection. The clothes were just for fun ;)


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