Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Delightful Mornings

Delightful Finch wakes up happy. (Unlike Strong Bear who cries because he woke up to discover he's all alone.) I love going in to get her because I'm always rewarded with a huge smile. She gets happy legs and plays like she's running away from you. The whole time she's chock full of giggles. After a hug and a kiss, I place her on the floor and she runs off to play with toys. Sometimes she's so happy playing, she doesn't follow me down the stairs for 30-45 minutes!

Some days I find myself getting out of bed sooner so I can be the one to go wake her up instead of Sexy Haqon or Beautiful Rabbit. Haqon can tell you, Delightful Finch didn't get her morning-time delightfulness from me. I need my 'wake-up-slowly' time..hehe :)

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