Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Dr Peri Appointment

The twins were incredibly wiggly today. It took 4 tries to get Baby-B's heartbeat because she was so active. It looked like she was trying to swim! Baby-B is facing my back, so it was really hard to get a good look at her heart. Baby-A is breech. She's resting her legs on BabyB's head--they seem to be taking turns with that. BabyA kept opening her mouth. I thought it looked like she was crying, but the tech said it was more like yawning.

Dr Peri said Baby-B's heart looks a little better, but one of the chambers is still noticeably smaller than the others. I'll get a fetal echocardiogram on April 22nd so they can take a better look at it.

BabyA is 1lb 3oz. BabyB is 1lb--both normal. BabyB's heartrate was faster than BabyA's...but both were within the normal range.

...more in 2 weeks ;)


Safire said...

Sounds like a great report! I'm excited to hear your news in 2 weeks. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing about everything. I love to know how you're doing!


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