Monday, April 14, 2008

A Day in the Sun

I took Strong Bear and Delightful Finch to the park. I was feeling icky before we left, but it's too nice outside for the kids to be stuck inside. Bear met new friends. He asked me to help lift him a couple times. I told him I can't lift him and he'll just have to climb. So he climbed all over the place. I'm so grateful that something in his head makes him hold on tight to the ropes. Even when his feet slip off the ropes, his tight grip saves him from falling while he recovers.

Finch wanted to visit people's houses. She climbed all the way up the steps of the house that overlooks the park. She isn't old enough to climb the ropes, but she found lots of cool things on the ground to look at. One 3 yr-old boy (who had a 13-month old brother at home taking his nap) followed Finch around very protectively.

Bear followed around a 3 yr old girl who was completely fearless when it comes to heights. They both went higher than I was comfortable with, and I thought she'd be more timid after she fell from 4 ft, but she got right back up and started climbing again. I'm glad Bear didn't fall. He also saw a helicopter fly overhead. "OOOOH!!! Look at the airplane!!!"

I felt less sick by the time we got home. Bear pushed Finch home in the stroller. It was windy, but I didn't have trouble with allergies. All in all, a good trip ;)

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