Monday, April 28, 2008

Feeling Better

The awful flu that invaded our home is finally gone! I feel like me again :) Well, pregnant me, anyway.

I'm a little annoyed at my otherwise wonderful perinatologist. We'd been discussing when I'll be going inpatient. (I'll be admitted to the hospital where they'll closely monitor the twins for distress caused by cord constrictions/accidents. I might be in the hospital for 6 weeks before the twins are born.) He wanted to discuss it more with some of his colleagues. Because momo twins are so rare, he wanted to add their experience to his own. Anyway, he said he'd call me on Friday to give me their combined advice. He didn't call.

While the matter isn't strictly urgent, I could be going inpatient as soon as 2.5 weeks from now. If that's the case, I'd like to start seeing about getting people to come stay with my little ones. It'd be nice if I knew the exact dates before I started asking people for help. I didn't want to disturb my perinatologist's weekend. So, I waited until today to call him.

Apparently he's so unavailable that they can't even get a message to him until Wednesday. My next appointment with him is 7:45am Wednesday morning. So, I didn't see much point in leaving a message.

Like I said, I guess it doesn't really matter....but it would've been nice to know the exact dates before Wednesday.

Oh well, another week closer to two beautiful baby girls :)

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Jessica said...

I wished we lived closer. We'd love to help out. It sounds like this move has put you in an area where you've got some good neighbors. Good luck getting it all scheduled.


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