Thursday, January 7, 2010

Stay By My Cradle...

Delightful Finch sleeping next to Angel.  Their beds make an L shape.  Angel LOVES sleeping near her sister.   For each of my other kids, the transition to a toddler bed was a huge pain.  With Angel, as long as she's by someone who loves her, she is fine.

That's why we call her "Roo" like the baby kangaroo from Winnie the Pooh.  She's happiest when someone is carrying her.  She'd love to be kept in my pocket all day long.

Tonight I went in to fix their blankets (am I the only one who does that after the kids fall asleep?) so they'd be toasty warm.  We let the kids "read" books 'til they fall asleep.  Angel grabs a book and "reads" right along with them.  She even copies the other kids about being super picky about which book she wants to read.

I've read so much about twins wanting to sleep near each other as babies - even in the same crib when they're very little.  Since Angel can't sleep by Seraph (who has to stay downstairs near her oxygen supplies), I'm glad she likes sleeping by her big sister so much.

night night :)


Mamalissa said...

I always check to make sure that the kids are covered before heading to bed. Of course they uncover during the night but at least I tried.

I'm super excited to see Seraph's increased mobility. It makes life easier for them (harder in some ways for mom but better for them)

Chris W. said...

That picture is too cute! I put blankets back on my kids too. It's amazing the crazy ways they sleep sometimes!


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