Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dinner Salad my Kids Will Eat...

Sexy Haqon makes these fantastic salads!  So, I thought I'd try to create one.

-cubed ham
-cubed cheddar cheese
-quartered/sliced cucumber (unpeeled but scored with a fork to soak up dressing)
(lightly salt, if desired - salt is for the cucumbers)

~1 C frozen blueberries
~5 frozen strawberries

The fruit will melt into a nice sauce.  Slice up the strawberries.  Add fruit (with juices) to main salad bowl.  Mix well.

Add 3 splashes of balsamic vinegar.
Add 1 splash of olive oil
add a tiny squirt of lemon juice.

Mix well.

Serve over a bed of fresh, baby spinach.  We had ours with toast on the side.

Strong Bear: Ewwwwww!  I don't want to try it mom.
Mom: OK
Strong Bear: I don't want to eat the black stuff.
Mom: oh.  I thought you liked blueberries.
Beautiful Rabbit: Those are blueberries??? [squeals] I thought they were beans.
Strong Bear: I want some, I want some!!

Everyone asked for seconds...and thirds...and they even finished off the spinach so they could have more salad.  Poor Haqon was late getting home and only got 1 bite. I wanted to add some rings of onion to the top of the salad, but I know my kids would never go for it, so I left them off.  If you try it w/ the onions, let me know if they work with the salad.


Melissa B. said...

Thats a dinner salad that I would eat, too. :) SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did!

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JDaniel4's Mom said...

Stopping by from SITS! This looks like something my family would like.

Shell said...



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