Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My 4-yr-old...

I think I was seven or eight when my father came home with his first personal computer.  He brought us into his home office, showed us the computer, showed us the mouse, and told us we were not to touch it.  Ever.  Later he let us play a game on the computer--nibbles.  (the one where you are a snake and each time you eat a number you get bigger and you can't crash into your tail or you lose.  I STILL love that game!)


Strong Bear: Mom, we need to have more than one computer.

Mom: Oh?

Strong Bear: Mom, can we get me a computer....and Beautiful Rabbit a computer, too?  Then we can play [an online game] together!

Mom: Well, I think you should go tell your dad.

Strong Bear: OK.  I told Dad.  Now, can we go get my computer?

Mom: Not right this second, honey.

Strong Bear: Right.  We better find a place to put my computer and  a place to put Beautiful Rabbit's computer first.
Strong Bear: I know! We can put our computers together--like next to each other.  Then I can play and she can play and we can be by each other!

Mom: That sounds like it would be fun, sweetie.

Strong Bear: Mom, we need to go get my computer right now!!

Mom: ....talk to your dad, hun.


Anonymous said...

Hmm...I wonder what game he could have been talking about ;)

Paige said...

Good thinking for a 4 yr old. Haqon may need your help explaining the concept of saving up for what you want. Good Luck.

Trudie said...

So cute!

Bethany said...

I remember that snake game! It was on one the old cell phones, too! Thanks for stopping by my blog today.


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