Saturday, January 2, 2010


500 pieces all done - yay!!  My family always does a puzzle on New Year's Eve.  It helps you stay awake AND if people drop by, there's plenty of munchies and pieces to put together.  I see fish every time I close my eyes.  More amazed that we didn't lose any pieces than anything.  We left it out over night unprotected from the kids!!

Strong Bear was banned from the computer and wii today.  Beautiful Rabbit stuck up for him and tried to get him a second chance.  I LOVE it when my kids defend and protect each I almost always lighten the consequences when they do.  It didn't happen today, though.

I felt bad, too.  I know when my internet is out I can't think of a single thing to do that isn't on my computer.  Bear had that same problem today.  He tried various ways of asking to play on the computer/wii:  demanding, crying, whining, ...he even tried being extra nice and uber polite.

Angel and Delightful Finch started doing somersaults together today!  Angel usually just stands on her feet and her head with her butt up in the air w/out going over.  Today she tucked and rolled.  I'd never seen Finch do one, either.  The kids were all dancing today and Finch just started doing them like she'd done it hundreds of times.

Today was cranky - coming off too little sleep and too much sugar.  I'm glad we have such a long weekend.  Hopefully tomorrow will be more fun :)

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Safire said...

Poor Strong Bear. I hope he has a better day today!


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