Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bye, Bye Kitty...

The angry cat is gone!  The park is safe!  The cat is safe.  Hoo and Ray!

I gave up on animal control who visited the park twice without ever seeing a cat.  I set out to catch the cat myself.  I donned my thickest pants and my winter coat.  Oh, I knew that cat could still scratch me, but why make it easy for him!  My niece came over to watch the kids.

Half way to the park, I started to worry.  What if the cat didn't show?  What if he ran away?  What if he sensed a trap?  What if he scratched me?  But, it was too late to change my mind as the cat suddenly appeared at my feet.  He followed me into the park.

The plan:  open the tuna can, put can in box, wait for (starving) cat to go for the tuna, hurry and close box before he can scratch me. Perfect.

I set the box down to open the tuna and the cat walked into the box.  Scared he'd scratch me if I put the tuna in while he was already in the box, I just closed it.  Job done.

I taped the box closed, telling the cat all about the safe warm place in store for him.  He clawed at the opening.  His amber eyes peered up at me.  "I trusted you", he seemed to say.... OK, so I dumped the tuna thru the crack in the box.  I'm such a push-over.  (My kids know it, too).

Animal Control picked him up 10 minutes later.  They'll care for him for a few weeks, and then find him a home with no kids.  We figure a kid must've been mean to him at some point.  I'm glad the cat is safe, warm, and fed.  Plus, my kids aren't scared of the park anymore.

I feel like I completed a rl quest!


Safire said...

Hehe...thought that was MY label at the bottom. :)

Glad you got the cat and it was so easy for you. He sounds like a very nice kitty to adults and deserves a good home.

Paige said...

Good Job Ninja Mom!

Libby said...

Haha, I read the whole quest and it made me laugh.
Thanks for stopping by my blog SITS-tah!


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