Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bad Kitty!!

Delightful Finch earned a trip to the park today (no accidents, yay!)  We invited a neighbor girl, B (age 4), to come with us.  It's freezing cold outside today!  The kids climbed and chased and swung and played.  Then they found a cat.

I think the cat lives at the park. He has no collar.  He's been at the park the last several times we've gone.  He's usually very nice.  So, I thought it'd be OK for the kids to follow the cat as long as they didn't touch him.  Wrong.  The cat jumped up and attacked B.  He scratched both of her cheeks!  Oh no!!  I felt awful.  We did the Neosporin thing.

I called animal control.  They told me they'd come by but it's super hard to catch a cat.  Yeah right.  I waited at the park for an hour.  Animal control never showed, but the cat jumped up on the park bench and kept me company for the whole hour.  If I'd had a box, I could've caught him and turned him in myself.

I do hope animal control picks him up.  His fur was much thicker today than it was last summer.  Still, it's freezing cold out there.  He kept licking the puddles of melted snow for a drink.  He also kept trying to sit on my lap.  I hope they find him someplace warm...and start feeding him.  He's such a pretty cat and I'm pretty sure he was only mean because he's so cold and hungry.

The kids ate lunch with grandma and grandpa while I sat at the park with the cat.  The kids didn't want to go back to "the angry cat park".  Doh!


Tami (Pixeltrash) said...

Awe... poor kitty! Sorry he scratched your little one. My cat would do the same thing and she's not hungry or cold!

Stopping by from SITS... have a great night!

Safire said...

Poor everyone involved it seems! Maybe you could go back their with a box and take him in yourself. He seemed pretty friendly with you.

RainSplats said...

Safire - I'm thinking about it. But I'll give them a day or two to work it out by themselves.

I wish I'd fed him before I left.


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