Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Little Break...

Sweet Seraph goes through oxygen dots like crazy! (Dots are the stickers we put on her cheeks to hold her oxygen tubing in place.)  She worked so hard to pull them off today, I thought I'd give her a short break from the tubing. She played with her Christmas present and found mommy's necklace.  We went for a walk upstairs.  It's been months since her last visit.  I tried to get her to play with the baby in the mirror, but she was more interested in the mommy in the mirror!

She looks so happy - I wish I could leave the tubes off.  She is within her prescribed oxygen range.  However, the oxygen dilates her blood vessels making her whole system work better.  She makes fewer extra blood vessels when she's on oxygen full time.  These extra blood vessels are bad--they make her circulatory system less efficient.  So, they surgically plug them when she gets too many that are too big.  So, time to put the oxygen back on.

I miss being a little kid.  I miss being irresponsible and just going after what I want instead of thinking things through to their natural consequences.  I miss being too scared to try new things.  I miss jumping on the tramp all day and into the night with my lil brother.  I miss watching the clouds roll by; imitating the hawk calls; star gazing.

I hope my kids are having lots of fun they'll miss when they're older, too.


Safire said...

Juice says he misses the tramp too.

And so fun for her to see something she hasn't seen in months! :) Hopefully we'll be part of that in a few days!

carol said...

their little cheeks get so sore! I totally would want to leave it off too if it weren't for those pesky consequences


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