Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I think this was my craziest year yet.  

We were looking at pictures last night and I found a drawing I made in the hospital.  Originally I'd had tally marks on the white board for each day I was going to be in the hospital.  It was comforting to erase one mark every day.  It helped me see that my time away from my family would come to an end.  Then the marks were all gone, and they wouldn't deliver the babies.  There was no room for them in the nicu!!

The next two days were really hard.  ....until I drew myself a picture of my family waiting at home for me.  So, left to right, that's Delightful Finch, Strong Bear, Beautiful Rabbit, and Sexy Haqon.  I missed them sooo much while I was inpatient.

It's been almost a year since I started this blog....since I found out I was pregnant...since I found out we were having twins...since Finch started walking!  Our prayers have become simpler this year.  We're thankful for simpler things like our house and Sexy's job and each other.  We ask for simpler breathing efficiently.

I can't believe Angel and Seraph are 6 months old.
I wish Seraph could be home with us again.  I'm glad we got to have the twins together for a few days.  

Seraph is on cpap to help her breath right now.  They just inserted a pic-line (like a permanent IV) to use instead of poking her when they have to draw blood for labs.  (they test her blood gases a couple times every day to make sure she's getting enough respratory support.)

I look forward to next Summer when we'll all be playing together at the park or by the lake or just walking around with the strollers. Angel will be crawling or walking.  Seraph will be crawling or sitting up.  Finch will have an even better vocabulary.  Rabbit will be jumping, dancing, and spinning.  Bear will be shouting "look at me" as he climbs.  Sexy and I will be smiling....and we'll all be very happy.

Hope you and yours have a great 2009 ;)


Amy said...

We hope it's a wonderful year next year, and Summertime is as wonderful as you've described, with all your family together :)

By the way, I had no idea you were such a great artist! I could tell who everyone was very well, including little Buddha!

Anonymous said...

Yes. It's been quite a year! You've handled each challenge well. Drastic changes were experienced; and yet, each person felt your love, felt they were valued, and learned to give love to each other. Your family has been richly blessed this year. We are ready to help as you need in the coming year. Things will improve, you'll see. gma

Safire said...

Yep, one crazy year! Can't wait to see what this year brings for all of us!


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