Thursday, December 4, 2008

All I Want for Christmas?

Perfection!  Is that too much to ask? I was surprised to learn Sexy Haqon and I differ in our views on the perfect Christmas gift. Obviously, Christmas is the perfect time to buy that practical gift that we've been putting off because of money or time issues.  See - I'm easy to shop for because I put off buying things that I want in order to stick to the budget.

Haqon sees Christmas as a time to show how well you know someone by choosing the one gift that's deeply personal; a reflection of every aspect of your friendship.  Wow.  I think my gifts have been falling flat.  Sorry, Sexy.

I'm more of a "oh, I think he'd like that" or "oh, I think this would make his life easier" kind of gal.

Sexy Haqon and I stayed up late wrapping presents.  I was grumpy.  My family is doing the "draw names" thing for Christmas this year.  I thought it would be easier, but in a lot of ways it's just been a grumpy mess.  In the midst of it all, I looked down at Baby Angel on the floor.  She was kicking the wrapping paper with her feet.  She was wearing the biggest (wet) smile her face could hold.  That's my perfect Christmas right there on my Angel's face.

It has very little to do with gifts.  I want to enjoy a little happiness with my family and friends.  So I revised my perfect Christmas:
-Wake up and open presents at home
-then eat breakfast (muslix that we made the night before as a family...everyone getting their own tupperware to add in the perfect mix of the fruit they want)
-drive to grandma's house where we meet up with all our siblings that are in town (without exchanging gifts)
-play card games/board games all day long and into the night -- stopping only to make turkey or (in the dream world) lamb sandwhiches when we get hungry.
-using Skype on Gpa's laptop to spend time with family that's far away
-calling other family on the phone because we love them and want to wish them well.

oh, and no one is sick in my dream world Christmas, so I don't have any worries about the twins and rsv or hospitalization.  My kids run themselves silly with their cousins without actually breaking anything or making a mess that's too big to clean.

(When we're richer and not bound by the distance from Seraph's Cardiologist, we'd like to spend some of our Christmas holidays at Haqon's brothers' houses.)

It's hard enough to get the perfect gift for my own kids and I spend 18 hours a day with them!  I still can't think of anything Strong Bear would like more than the cardboard tube the wrapping paper comes I wrapped it up and tossed it on the pile of gifts!  I may not know my extended family well enough to pick out the perfect gift, but I do love them enough to want to spend Christmas playing with them all day long.

And that sounds perfect.


Safire said...

I'm sorry the name thing is making you grumpy! Anything I can do to help?

RainSplats said...

Well since you'd really help me a ton if you'd move into the house across the street from me. I mean...if it's not too much of an inconvenience for you....kkthx.

erm...but in the real world, your blog is a lovely distraction from everything that stresses me cuz your kids are so cute...and cuz you have twins + toddler and you're still functioning... So, more stories and more pictures of your adorable family always make my day happier :)

and, of course, hugs....*hugs*

jenfarmgirl said...

That sounds perfect to me! (The relaxing part with no big messes, and not having to buy presents for a name thing which I've been doing for the last couple of days and I'm still not done yet...)

Safire said...

Jeff says if you find him a job (I'm adding in a good paying job) we will come. Seriously.


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