Friday, December 26, 2008

The Day After...

Sexy Haqon drove off this morning for his one-day-work-week.

Beautiful Rabbit is playing Oregon Trail on the computer. Angel is sleeping.

Bear, Finch, and I just spent a few hours playing in the snow. We shoveled from our front door to our neighbor's front door and their neighbor's front door. It made a nice little maze for the kids to play in. Then we had a snowball fight:
Bear: haha - I got you, Mom!
Mom: Aaaaaahhh!
Bear: Do you wanna throw a snow ball, Mom?
Mom: Ya! I'm gonna throw a snow ball at Finch!
Bear: No!! [Bear ran in front of Finch and blocked her with his body. Then he waved his arms all around to make an extra "shield" for her.]
Mom: Are you protecting your sister?
Bear: Ya! You can't get her!

Seraph's right lung already looked a lot better on this morning's x-ray. They're going to give her a spontaneous breathing trial later today.


Safire said...

Awww...we miss snow! Build a snowman for us! :) Glad that Seraph has been doing better.

Amy said...

Thanks for the Seraph updates. I try to check every day, cuz I'm thinking about you and her and everyone. Glad you've had fun in the snow! We're making an igloo :)


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