Monday, December 15, 2008

Seraph & Angel

I don't even know where to start.  Angel likes watching her sister.  She seems to recognize her or atleast really like watching her.

We've already had to take Seraph back to the hospital once - to replace her NJ tube.  They can only place it while they're taking an X-ray. She was home after a few hours.  She had a fever today, but she's pulling out of it.  She has meds every 4 hours.  

It's been crazy.  really crazy...but my whole family is happier.  We're smiling.  We're hugging.  We're dancing like crazy chipmunks.  It's nice.


Amy said...

I'm glad she's back with her NJ tube in place. I hope Angel knows not to mess with it either! Thanks for calling me when she had to go back to the hospital--I sure hope we can stay in better contact from now on. You are loved, and we've been praying for Seraph!

RainSplats said...


Safire said...

Glad to hear that things are crazy. They are supposed to be! :) We still think of you every day and Butterfly spent a good 20 minutes looking through all your pictures saying, My cousins! I love my cousins!

Paige said...

Glad everyone is happy and loving. This is definitly the season for it. Will continue to pray for her to heal and progress.


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