Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

Seraph is happy.  She's alert and active.  She has lots of cool Christmas presents.  Rabbit was thrilled to hold her.

Angel slept in late!  She was the last one up, and slept 45 minutes later than she ever has.  The kids played with their santa presents until she 
woke up.  Then we opened
the rest of the presents.  Everyone had fun :)

Delightful Finch.  I think she's liked every present. 
 But the one she won't put down
 was this doll from her cousin.  It's adorable!  It makes little baby sounds.  She was too busy dancing with her baby to hold still for a picture.

Strong Bear. This poor kid's been asking to open the christmas presents every day since we put them up on the cupboards.  He's running around crazy with chocolate and candy straws.

Beautiful Rabbit's been trying to guess her present.  She didn't guess, but her eyes almost popped out when she opened her purple scooter!

Now we're watching Wonder Woman (Haqon hasn't seen  them and I LOVED it when I was Finch's age).  Some of these I don't remember. I threw in a pot roast for dinner.  It smells fantastic.

It's snowing like crazy.  We love you guys - hope everyone's having a Merry Christmas :)


Mamalissa said...

Seraph does look happy. Glad to hear you are having a good day- you all deserve it! Much love your way this holiday.

Safire said...

Glad you had a great day!

Calvin said...

Clever way to Keep P&J out of the gifts til the right time. Looks like they had fun with the bags I sent. Loved the handprints. So Happy you had such a wonderful day.

Amy said...

Merry Christmas! Sorry I haven't gotten around to reading any posts until today.

Taylor Family said...

Your Christmas looks like it was a blast. Seraph is adoreable in her picture surrounded by her toys. I think I see in her eyes that she knows she is loved. What a great family. :-)


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