Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Back to the Hospital

Saturday was heavenly.  I can't remember the last time we were all so happy.  Everything felt right.  We celebrated with chocolate cake!  

Sunday was an adventure.  Seraph visited 2 different hospitals to get her feeding (NJ) tube replaced.  It was frazzling, but worth it.

Monday was a little troubling.  Seraph had a slight fever and seemed kinda puffy.  She seemed less agitated though, and slept well through the night.

Tuesday.  Seraph had a high fever in the morning.  She is back at the hospital now.  They're working on bringing her fever down.  Her cardiologist is worried because she seems to have decreased heart function that may or may not return to normal once her fever is gone.  She seems to have an infection.  They had to re-intubate her.

I'm not sure what will happen next.  It seems she'll be at the hospital for a while.  antibiotics and etc.

She was really passive this morning.  Later she started moving/looking around more.  Her color is better - more pink.  

We miss her.


Amy said...

Lots of prayers coming your way.

jenfarmgirl said...

I'm sorry. My heart sunk. I hope she continues to progress. Lots of love.

Safire said...

Oh no! :( We were hoping she was home for good this time. Lots of prayers and thoughts coming your way!

The Vigh Household said...

N-my prayers are with you. She will be home again soon, where she belongs. Be strong :).

Patty and Kevin said...

Hey Nanette - I'm so sorry that she's back at PCMC. Dang it! I don't know how you're handling everything. We were there for 3 months - but I can't imagine having to go back and forth AND take care of your other children. Thank you for being an incredible example to me and my family! We will keep Seraph and your family in our prayers.

Jessica said...

I'm so sorry to hear she had to go back. We all hope she gets better soon and can come home, and stay home.

Paige said...

So glad you find the time to write in your blog. I check it everyday for news of Seraph and the others. I hope she can fight this off and return to a healthy state. Love and Hugs to all of you.

Emily M. said...

I am so sorry. She's a gorgeous little baby. Sending love and prayers.


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