Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Nintento fixed our Wii!!  (no, I didn't win the contest).  Our Wii was broken when......SOMEONE fed it a handful of plastic beads.  I tried to fix it myself (sniff sniff).  Finally I logged on to Nintendo's website and
 discovered it was still under warranty.  They sent me a shipping label and I sent it back.  They got it in the mail Friday, replaced the broken part, and shipped it back that same day!

Amazing! It didn't cost me a penny.

My kids are playing with Rabbids again :)
er...Strong Bear is hoarding the game, but that's OK so far.
Delightful Finch jumped down from the dinner table to dance!  She started singing this song.  ...and it was so cute, I couldn't bring myself to make her come back to dinner.  
Seraph - no changes, no real news.  They've ruled out RSV.  They're watching her decreased heart function very closely.  They still don't know if it'll get better.  It's just too soon to tell.....but that's the part that worries us the most.

Aside from missing her, we're all doing well.


Amy said...

Yay, your Wii is fixed and returned to you! Now they just need to get the miracles of medicine to equal the miracle of technology, and get Seraph sent back home to you too, and it will be HAPPY NINJA HOUSEHOLD! :)

Anonymous said...

I feel like I'm in limbo waiting for the medics to take care of Seraph. She is in our prayers along with all of you. gma

Safire said...

I can't wait for our wii to "arrive" on Christmas. Rock band here we come!

Glad that Seraph is stable, for now. We have been thinking and praying for her daily. And you guys too. We miss you. *hugs*

The Vigh Household said...

Hey...a little happiness today huh? When the day starts to get bad, get theraputic...get on Rabbids swing a cow around. Always makes me feel better. OR, even better, throw a plunger at someone! :)


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