Friday, December 12, 2008

Tomorrow, Tomorrow. I love you, Tomorrow...

It's only a day away!

They wanted to keep her overnight to make sure they got her meds just right.  The discharge nurse called today to get things set up.  I already had everything ready!  We'd planned on having Seraph come home today.  So, I cleaned a bit so I wouldn't just be sitting here all day.  Mom, if you're reading this, don't be shocked when you walk in and my house looks clean!  Er....actually the kids'll have had time to mess it up by then...

We had waffles for dinner.  Cinnamon waffles with peaches on top.  Beautiful Rabbit thought it was the best dinner ever.  Clean house and best dinner ever.  I'm doing pretty good!
Me:  Seraph is going to come live at our house tonight!
Strong Bear: Can we open the [Christmas] presents?


jenfarmgirl said...

Bear's cute. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I'm always impressed at how well you handle your family. Things stay clean only when no one is around. I found a dryer ball upstairs under my bed!:) And,you know I don't wash little hand prints off of mirrors.

Amy said...

Hooray, clean house, delicious meal, and a baby home from the hospital! Could life get any better?


Mamalissa said...

So Happy for you!!! And BTW I totally think you should win the Wii. Can I vote somewhere? :)

p.s. I need your address to send you a Christmas surprise- email it.


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