Saturday, January 22, 2011

What I did today

  • found the what I did today blog
  • played make-up with my "dolls"
  • "camera me!"
  • tickled Bear
  • ate sushi
  • a little shower/water therapy with Seraph
  • listened to that lil stinker (Seraph) empty the spoons out of the drawer ....twice!
  • reminded the kids about the "no water out of the tub" rule and made them clean it up.
  • walked Bear to the corner for school
  • hugs and kisses
  • "run for our lives!" (that's what Finch says every time she flushes the toilet....and you just have to run! She grabs her pants on the way out...and comes back to wash hands)
  • learned about a heart defect that doesn't affect my life
  • opened a late Christmas present that was beautiful (and my favorite color) with a note that make me LOL (thx, M)
  • watched the first Yin/Yang episode of Psych w/ Beautiful Rabbit.
  • mourned the loss of "Dora Saves the Day" because of a huge scratch......though Dora will always be with us in our hearts.....and also with us because Angel can recite the whole thing start to finish and does so almost every night at bedtime and then again at 4am.
  • ran out of room on my camera's memory card!
  • enjoyed being happy

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