Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Bedtime Games

Tonight we put the kids to bed.....
and they just kept coming back downstairs.  Finally I put Bear and Finch to bed for the last time.  Under no circumstances where they to get up for any reason.  If they got out of bed again, I'd close the door. (the lightbulb in their room is not working, so closing the door is a big threat.) If I had to come up again after the door was closed, no computer or iPad for either of them tomorrow. Less than a minute later.....I see a rope-like object dangling over the side of the stairs accompanied by giggles.  Unbelievable!!!
Finch hurt her leg running back to bed.
It didn't help that Seraph was outside their bedroom door playing.  Angel slept through all of this.  She's an angel :) [Seraph goes to bed later than the other kids....but that's a story for another day]

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