Monday, January 3, 2011

Babies take naps

my "sleeping" princess

Delightful Finch is having some potty trauma.  It started around Christmas time...and it's getting worse and worse.  After being completely potty trained for a month, she's having accidents without realizing it.  She's terrified of some (but not all) of the potties in our house.  The scary toilets rotate a bit.
I put her back in diapers...but she still tries to hold everything in til she can go potty.  So, we have to take off the diaper for potty breaks at various intervals.
No fever, no pain. Trying to get her to drink more water - with some success.  However, it hasn't changed anything.
I can't figure out what's going on with her.  Any ideas?


Melissa said...

Wanted to stop by and say hi to another twin/heart mom!! I hardly ever find another mom who has twins 1 with a heart defect and one not! Sorry your little one is having some issues with the potty :( no fun!! My only advice as mom of 7/nurse is not to go backwards. Water Cranberry juice and plenty of potty breaks! Hope she feels better soon!!


Safire said...

My friend here swears by 1 part apple juice, one part ginger ale and 20 minutes to the potty! But I haven't personally used it. Keep going forward, and she'll figure it out! Good luck!

RainSplats said...

I tried the apple/ginger ale potion. She loved it! but no potty time...


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