Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Meatloaf, please!

We started a new thing for dinner last week.  7 people in my each person gets a night to be in charge of dinner.  (Mommy is their helper!) It's been crazy fun. The kids love measuring, stirring, and especially picking what to have. I get to kick everyone out of the kitchen save the ONE person in charge of dinner.

Tonight Delightful Finch is making meatloaf. We had it last week, and the kids loved it so much they wanted to have it again.  Beautiful Rabbit declared it the week of yummy dinners every night.  and Strong Bear said I'm the best mom he's ever known. (which, of course, is totally true!)
Finch [kneeling in front of the oven staring at the meatloaf]: I did a great job, Mom!

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