Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Doctor Visit: GI

I thought Seraph's cardiologist trumped everyone else.  I was wrong!  Seraph's Gastrointestinal (GI) doctor says Seraph is on a good track for her weight and height gain and that she won't be 30 lbs by May.  Cardiologist wanted her to be 30 lbs in May for her next surgery.  I guess the surgery will be later.
I also learned that Seraph's stomach empties very slowly.  This is why she's been having trouble with the last 3rd of her feed.  I need to feed her (thru the g-tube) over 40-45 minutes. I told the doctor straight up that it's just not going to happen.  We agreed to a modified feed where I do 1/3 of the feed and then go do something else for 20 minutes and then repeat until her feed is done.
I thought she'd be happier on this schedule, but she HATES being bugged so many times.  I have high hopes that she'll get used to it.
The doctor also asked me if she'd been vomiting.  No. I asked him if vomiting was common in cardiac kids and he said yes.  He didn't know why - mumbled something about organs not getting enough oxygen for extended periods of time. He wants to see her again in 4 months.
It's still kinda funny to me that we're hoping Seraph will *become* a picky eater.

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