Friday, January 21, 2011

Not again!

I have sooo many things crammed into each day.  That doesn't count changing diapers or dealing with icky insurance problems.  So I'm big on multitasking.  But, kids know when they're being multitasked.  They know you're not really comforting them if you're clicking your mouse.....or not really reading them the book if you're folding laundry. You can double up too much and then no one feels like they got any time even though really everyone got all the time.
So, today I did it the other way.  Instead of juggling all the kids, I grabbed the closest one and gave her 10 minutes of all my attention.  It was Angel.
She taught me a new game: you say "not again" with different nuances giving it a slightly different meaning each time you say it.  Clever girl.
Later I gave most of my attention to Finch (while I was preparing meds).
Instead of trying to split my attention fairly, I tried to give it out in bigger/more focused chunks.
Potty training went better.
The girls were happier.
I'm happier.

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