Sunday, August 9, 2009


Angel's learning to drink from a straw cup. She toddled over to Seraph, took the straw cup out of her mouth, and put the straw on Seraph's lips. 'Uhhhh, uhhhhh', she insisted. Seraph did NOT open her mouth....but she did smile at the gift.
Seraph took a real bath last night :) ('til now, it's been sponge baths.) I think she liked it. Her muscles are getting stronger. She likes to be held more, to be carried around on my hip like other babies.
Strong Bear: Daddy, you can go fishing but you can't go to church - you're too big to go to church.
Mom: Oh, we should do Finch's hair.
Delightful Finch: [immediately runs out of the room!! and when I find her] No. No. Do Bear hair! No, do Angel hair! No No NO do Daddy hair!!
Beautiful Rabbit: Mom, Dad, watch! [holds Angel up high and spins around and around as Angel smiles] I think she's motion sick.
Haqon: She's not old enough to get motion sick, but she might be dizzy.
Beautiful Rabbit: [spins with Angel again]
Mom: Rabbit, put Angel down and go brush your hair for church.
[Beautiful Rabbit puts Angel down and runs for the stairs to get her brush. Angel immediately chases after her sister, giggling...only instead of getting to the stairs, she swerves left and full on crashes into the wall.]
Beautiful Rabbit: [between giggles] Yep. I think she's dizzy.


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