Friday, August 21, 2009


Seraph sat on my lap and played with the music table. Delightful Finch screamed each time someone else pushed a button (changing the song). Her heart was set on dancing to the ABCs song again and again.

Angel figured if Seraph could sit on my lap, then she (Angel) could sit on my lap, too. She keeps climbing into the swing. It shakes and wobbles. Seraph loves to scoot under the swing. So far Angel hasn't fallen off the swing. I'm tired of pulling her off, I just buckled her into the swing. She likes to use things she sees Seraph using.

I have to feed Angel rice cereal when the Speech Therapist is feeding Seraph rice cereal. It's good for Seraph to see Angel eating, too.

Beautiful Rabbit is experimenting with my camera. We uploaded the pictures and looked through them. Then, she went out taking pictures again. The second set were better than the first set. She learns fast.

Strong Bear is being a big boy today. (no accidents - yay!!)

I've been feeling icky all day....even after my short nap. I hope Haqon's home soon - I miss him :)


Safire said...

Sounds like you're entering into the "me too!" phase. I'm deep into it and it's slightly obnoxious. But fun too. :)

RainSplats said...

It's nice to have twins again :) I was jealous watching your boys "play" together...hehe.


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