Monday, August 3, 2009


Seraph doesn't require her feeding tube or oxygen all the time. She was playing in the chair earlier but Angel got jealous. Now Angel is in the chair eating Cheerios and Seraph is jealous.

I love seeing them do real twin stuff :)

Therapy went well today. Seraph fed herself oatmeal. She didn't want to open her mouth unless she was holding the spoon.


Patty and Kevin said...


Anonymous said...

Seraph sounds like a "real person. Gma

Anonymous said...

Cute :D

*Fairee Princess*

Paige said...

Love the pictures and updates. I am so happy she is progressing so well. Thank you Thank you for sharing the good news with us. Wanting to hold her own spoon isn't really a surprise, is it? Taking after her siblings.


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