Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Sexy Haqon made us Sushi for dinner last night. It was our first time trying out my new sushiware. Sexy liked the bambo roller. Sushi always fills me up way too much (does that mean I pig out?)!

Sushi is one of those foods that I NEVER force my kids to eat - all the more for me!! Sadly, they all love it despite my efforts and I always have to share. Haqon even saved up his "bite" of starches which he figured was equal to 2 sushi rolls.

I think I could live off sushi....and miso soup :)

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Amy said...

Mmm, sushi! You know, you guys have been invited to a party at my place Saturday evening--did Sexy Haqon tell you? I consider sushi to be healthy food, so he can bring it as the healthy potluck!


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