Thursday, August 6, 2009


I stumbled upon a food that everyone will eat - quiche!! Delightful Finch is in a non-eating phase. Strong Bear won't eat anything green. Beautiful Rabbit complains about anything new. Angel doesn't have any molars yet. Haqon isn't eating starches. [Seraph ate peaches today! Baby food peaches. Not as good as oatmeal. Better than applesauce.]

So here's my recipe for happy tummies:

5-6 eggs
2 cups water
2/3 cup powdered milk
2/3 scoop whey powder
5-6 tsp lemon juice
a bit of pepper
6 green olives (thinly sliced)

mix well

1-2 cups cooked Quinoa (very filling!)
1 package thawed/drained spinach
1/4 lb Feta Cheese (Ok, I really had to guess how much cheese in a lb)

bake at 375 for 30-40 minutes (it was closer to 60 before it was ready)

sprinkle cheese on top for 7 minutes (cheddar/Parmesan)

let cool. Enjoy.

I had to trick Bear into tasting a non-green part. Rabbit cleaned her plate without being prompted and asked for seconds. Finch ate every scrap. Angel finished hers and asked for more. (Then fell asleep in her chair.) Haqon even liked it :)

The best part - no one suffered from bedtime-hunger tonight. Woot!


jenfarmgirl said...

You're brilliant!

Amy said...

Wow. . .I only understood about half the ingredients. Whey powder? and what is Quinoa?? It sounds good, if I could just figure out the ingredients. Does it have to be feta cheese, or does mozzarella or jack work?

RainSplats said...

thanks, Jen ;)

Amy -

If you haven't tried feta cheese with scrambled eggs, you should!!

I wouldn't do moz. Jack might be OK. Maybe swiss or white cheddar. But try it first with the feta. It's not that strong in the quiche.

Quinoa (keen wa) is worth looking in to - it's very healthy and also very filling...and still manages to taste good ;)


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