Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Angel climbs onto the swing all by herself now. I need to take a video so you can fully appreciate the way my heart jumps around seeing her stand in the swing so she's tall enough to play with the buttons. She sits down after a while. When she's all done, she climbs out.

Beautiful Rabbit used to climb on everything, too. She never fell. Angel's following in her footprints.

I'm going crazy. Nesting - decluttering the house. I hid my computer mess in an armoire. I'm quite happy with the results. (pictures later). Seraph's heart cath is on friday. We expect good news. She's doing so well - esp with her physical therapy. Everyone (even her cardiologist) expects good news. I feel good about it.

However....that doesn't keep me from going crazy. My patience is just gone. I can't stop cleaning. I'm not sleeping. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers on friday....and cross your fingers and toes! Sexy Haqon is feeling the pressure, too. My poor kids - having both parents at zero patience levels.

They FINALLY started building the house in the lot next door. My first thought: yay - now people will stop parking there! (don't ask). I'm excited to live next to something prettier than weeds :) I'm sad because my kids LOVE LOVE LOVE playing in the dirt pile that's now gone. I hope we get a nice side yard when they put in my neighbor's landscaping. and I really hope we get along with whoever moves in. My other neighbors are wonderful. Living by people you like is HUGE>!!

Seraph's physical therapy went well today. Her trunk muscles and leg muscles improved tons this week. She's been full of smiles this week, too.


Paige said...

looking forward to pictures of all the changes. I remember watching BR climb on everything. So glad Seraph is doing well. We still pray for her each day.

Safire said...

Hey I have a climber too! It's tons of fun. Lots of prayers for you guys tomorrow. And I wanted to buy the lot next to you! *pouts*


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