Thursday, August 27, 2009

Heart Catheterization

So, tomorrow's the big day :)
This video explains the heart cath procedure:

Seraph is so happy tonight. She's playing with her alphabet town toy.

I'm excited to hear good news about her heart and pulmonary veins. I'm sad that she'll have to be intubated for the procedure. Silver lining: she's healthy enough to come off the vent. I pray she'll come off it quickly. She hates it sooo much.

I hope it doesn't hurt her voice. She's just coming into her own voice - cooing and trying out different baby sounds. Sometimes she sounds so much like Angel that I can't tell who "talked" unless I'm watching their mouths.

The actual procedure should start just before noon. Please keep her in your prayers. They want to keep her overnight to watch her breathing. If there are no complications, we'll have her back Saturday morning.

The surgeon will tell us his general impressions....but we really won't have results until they compare the videos and numbers to the last heart cath. In question: will she be able to have the 3rd heart surgery she'll need to survive (the Fontan). Are her pulmonary veins big enough to handle the extra pressures the Fontan would create? How are the pressures in her heart now? Is everything working as it should? Is her heart valve leaking more than normal?

etc etc....

It's a big day for my little sweetie - I hope she does well. Thank you for all your prayers and support. This is a big milestone in her journey - thanks for checking in on her progress.



jenfarmgirl said...

Thanks for letting us know what to pray for. We love you!

Patty and Kevin said...

Seraph is in our prayers! What an amazing little princess. We're anxiously waiting for news...

Amy said...

Glad to hear the good news! And earlier than expected, too!


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