Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thanks, Grandma P

Grandma P took this family (-1) photo of us before she left. The kids loved having her stay with us.

Poor Finch had a fever that night, but overall it's a pretty good picture of us. (from left to right: Strong Bear, Sexy Haqon, Me, Delightful Finch, Beatiful Rabbit, & Angel)

Seraph is doing really well. They're weaning her off her pain meds. (The ones she's been on since she came home in January.) I've been telling the doctors for months that she was ready to wean off them. I guess seeing her smiling face every day was enough to convince them. It's a super slow wean, but she's doing super well and I'm really happy about it.

My sinuses were worse today. The doc said I'd be contagious for a week starting yesterday. I don't expect Seraph to come home before this sickness is out of our house. Her health is too fragile right now to deal with a cold.


Mamalissa said...

So will she be spending her birthday in the hospital then? Not fun. Hope you all get better soon. (cold buster from Jamba Juice-try it)

RainSplats said...

no no...she'll be coming home this weekend...and her birthday isn't for another 10 days or so....

it's all good ;)


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