Saturday, June 20, 2009

Back in the PICU

Seraph is back in the PICU. She ran a high fever (104 F). They had to re-intubate her. They think she's caught a stomach bug - maybe the flu. Her blood pressure dropped too low.

She does that when she's really sick.

She's stable now. Her temp is normal (on tylenol AND motrin AND a cooling blanket). Her blood pressure is normal (on meds). Her breathing rate is normal (on the vent). She is sedated. She has 3 new IV lines. They're giving her medicine in case it's the flu....and in case it's bacterial....and etc.

They'll keep her on those meds until one of the tests comes back positive OR until she fights off whatever bug is attacking her.

Her x-rays looked good. It's not in her lungs. Her echo looks good - it's not a heart problem. Her heart rate was really high...but it's closer to normal now.

She's off feeds and back on saline.

Basically, she's really, really sick....but she's going to be OK. a few days.

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Amy said...

How heartbreaking! I've been trying so hard to avoid getting the flu this year-- not for my sake, but because I know too many people who have babies in the hospital, and I know you're not allowed to visit them when you have the flu. Darn that she got it anyway!!! I'm glad to hear she's doing well, and I'm sure she'll fight it off--she's a fighter, that's what she does :)


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