Thursday, June 11, 2009

Off the Vent!

I wanted to watch Seraph's spontaneous breathing trial (where they turn the vent way down and see if she breaths OK all on her own). When I arrived, they'd just barely extubated her!

She's never been extubated so fast.

She aced the test. She did so well, they skipped the high-flow oxygen step and put her on normal oxygen. Then they had to turn that down because she was still too high. Good job, girlie!!

No, that's not a sucker. It's a pink sponge. The nurses clean her mouth with them. Seraph LOVES to suck on them. It's like a tiny drink for her. Her throat must be hurting from that tube, because the only time she was happy was when she had a sponge to suck on. They don't let her have the sponges often because she loves biting them even more than she loves sucking them.

They've eased off her meds some, too. Hopefully she'll be feeling more like herself tomorrow.

She's not ready for food through her g-tube yet. They plan to keep her in the PICU for a few more days.


Patty and Kevin said...

Good job Seraph!

Safire said...

Wahoo! She's doing so good. :) Way to go.


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