Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Off the Vent!

Seraph is on bi pap tonight. I know it looks silly, but it's sooooo much better than having a tube down her throat. They extubated her successfully. She was on high-flow oxygen for about an hour. Her blood gases came back a little lower than we wanted so they put her on bi pap to assist her breathing. It's more helpful than highflow and less invasive than the vent..

I thought she'd just tug/push it off. Nope. It took time, but she figured out how to sneak a few fingers into her mouth. She actually likes feeling the bottom of the mask with her tongue and sucking on it.

Her sweet cousin came to visit in the PICU. Seraph LOVES her cousin. She smiled and stuck her tongue out and kicked her happy feet. Her smile was rain on the desert. I didn't expect her to be happy so quickly after extubation.

Hopefully she'll do well over night. Then they can restart her feeds and start weaning her oxygen needs down so she can come home :)

Homecoming is still a ways off, but today was a HUGE step in the right direction. We love you, Seraph. Thanks to everyone for your prayers and support.

/happy mommy


Christina said...

Yea for off the vent! I hope she keeps improving and can be home soon.

Hugs & Prayers,
Jacob's Momma

Paige said...

Thanks for the pictures. She looks good to me. Hope its all downhill from here.

Safire said...

Yay for good news! :)

Amy said...

Oh, such good news! We keep her constantly in her prayers, and we prayed that she would be able to breathe better. It's great to hear she's making progress again! It's awful they have to keep these heart babies on so many medications. . I feel so bad for her! But it's great to see her smile, and I'm glad you're smiling again too! :) (HUGS!!)

Stephanie said...

That is great news! :) You and your family are in my thoughts daily now....I'd love to meet your cute family, and I truly hope your sweet baby girl will be home with you soon.


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