Wednesday, June 24, 2009

...Not Again....

They've put Seraph on Lovenox again for clots. They found a clot in her chest in one of the veins coming back from her left arm. The clot blocked off enough of the vein that she grew collateral veins to go around it. That's NOT a good thing.

She also has a clot in her leg where her last PICC line was located. The doctors are not as worried about this clot. It will be broken down and reabsorbed by her body.

Lovenox is a blood thinner. It's a shot that's given twice a day. Seraph was on Lovenox July-November of last year. Haqon and I had to administer these shots when she was home. We celebrated wildly when she no longer needed them. We're both sad that she needs them again.

Today they turned off her paralytic to see if she'll breath with the vent instead of fighting it. Today and tomorrow will be spent slowly draining off excess fluids. She's scheduled for an echo on Thursday/Friday. The main valve in her heart is leaking more than normal. Cardiology attributes the change to her extra swelling.

She is still very sick. She's not getting worse--that's a good thing ;)


Safire said...

Ugh...I know you hated those. Sorry she's back on them! And sorry I missed you this afternoon. We've been busy.

The Vigh Household said...

So sorry hun. Luckily she is in loving hands with people that know her well and know how to make her happy as best they can. HEY!! Almost one year!! That's a HUGE accomplishment. Way to go mommy!!

Amy said...

Oh dear, I'm so sorry it's not better news! Good to hear her sickness isn't worse though. We keep praying for her to fight this as soon as possible.


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